Harvest Public school

Pakabanda Bazar, Beside Mamata hospital
Khammam - 507001

Correspondent Desk


P. Ravi Maruth ( Correspondent )



Dear Students

ü Behave decently, be friendly and feel free in the campus.

ü Speak pleasantly and politely.

ü Participate in the activities conducted by the school.

ü Be positive and sportive in spirits.

ü Read books for enhancing your creatively and confidence.

Dear Parents

ü Listen to your ward. Spare time for his/her queries.

ü Provide them nutritious meals & snacks timely.

ü Take to them frequently, check their bags at times, replace their lost ‘tools’ like scales & compasses timely & do attend PTMS regularly.

Dear Staff

ü Accommodate the children accordingly basing on their M.I.

ü Let them feel secured in your vigilance.

ü Let them express their thoughts freely in discussions or debates in regards with their learning subjects.

 ü Appreciate them in their success. Boost their confidence up when they feel low, work to improve their confidence.