Harvest Public school

Pakabanda Bazar, Beside Mamata hospital
Khammam - 507001

Principal Desk

Mrs. Parvathi Reddy ( Principal )





Harvest, the centre for learning, true to its name thrives constantly in making the school, child centered, in all the spheres of education right from the languages, core subjects and CCA activities. Believing in Application of the knowledge based concepts what the students have learnt in their class rooms, the school provides interactive digital class rooms and fully equipped Laboratories, where in they can conduct any experiment in the departments concerned.

Realizing the need of differentiation based on the multiple intelligences of the students. The teachers are provided with adequate trainings that are upgraded to suit to the contemporary education. Teachers, here are motivated and advised accordingly and often spontaneously from the principal’s desk in connection with their subject related issues or students concerns regarding their academic performances and behavioral issues.

The school thrives to retain the flavor of childhood by not falling in to the regular rut of result oriented preparations but by providing an apt learning atmosphere and by shrewd concept based preparation in a scientific approach.

I, the principal of Harvest, thrive to realize the true kind of education where in a child learns to be original, Creative and emotionally balanced. The real experiential learning is assured and encouraged in every possible opportunity that a student comes across in this very campus.